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After a few moments ago, Mozilla officially released Firefox 29 for desktop and mobile devices. In every cycle there is always the latest release of even a small change, but in this release contains some changes to the user convenience is significant so that makes it even more attractive. Mozilla has made a determined effort to make Firefox more consistent, intuitive, and personal. This release is the culmination of more than two years working on the project Australia. And here are some of the most noticeable changes in Firefox 29 for desktop computers.

New Themes
The pillars of Australia are: consistency, accuracy and refinement. Mozilla has been trying to develop and polish the existing user interface, and while eliminating strangeness, and unify the various aspects of design including borders, colors, and spacing. With this, Firefox now looks more like Chrome, but it's not really a bad thing and immediately wanted to emulate. Firefox button has nixed support menu button in the address bar. The tab bar has been redesigned so that the active tab is now more prominent, while others recede into the background. However, unlike Chrome and Opera, Firefox has maintained separate from the ' Search Bar ' .

New menu
The new bar menu using commonly used option, but it looks much cleaner and no doubt much easier to use. It is also fully customizable to make it easier.

New Bookmarks Manager
Once again, a little take on the book Chrome, Firefox has simplified its bookmark manager. Now you can open, delete, move and do most of the things you want to do with your bookmarks without having to open the Bookmarks Library.

Customization mode
Of the many reasons, may think I used the old Opera user interface flexibility. While Opera throw all the power to the machine during the migration Chromium (Blink), Firefox is build on the strong foundation. Firefox has always had an option ' Customize Toolbar ‘, but it is quite limited. Firefox 29 replaces that with the customization mode which is very powerful and intuitive. Once in this mode, so you can easily add or remove buttons from the address bar and menu. Buttons are available including ones that are bundled with Firefox, as well as added by the extension.

Synchronization with Firefox Account
The Firefox Sync option has gone through much iteration. With Firefox 29, you get the ability to set up Firefox Sync to create an account Firefox. All you need to create an account Firefox is to enter an email address and set a password. It is much simpler than the previous mechanism that forces you to use a random sequence of characters as identification.

Here is the easiness in getting the latest Firefox 29

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

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