Secrets of The Delicious Cheesecake


Of the many types of food that consists of tiramisu and chocolate , there are many other types of cakes are often in the rush of the audience , which is one of the cheesecake . It is said that food cake has several advantages compared with other snacks , and for more details, let us consider some of the advantages 

Here are some secrets of cheesecake delights that can make many people amazed with deliciousness . :

  • Temperature

Tasty and delicious cheesecake certainly lies in the use of an appropriate temperature . Before baking , the cheesecake should be stored at room temperature . The process of the standing at room temperature for 20 to 30 usually marry before serving .

  • cheese

Because cheesecake is dominated by the cheese , the cheese consumption is also a major concern . Cheese must be converted into the cream . Put the cream cheese to room temperature . How this is done so that the cheese does not look swollen or bumps , so in terms of the texture became more beautiful .

  • Do not crack

Cheesecake is a lot of trouble making the cake that cracked at the top . Typically , the levels start to heat up the temperature of the cheesecake . But these factors do not worry because cracks can be repaired .
The trick is to spread a layer of sour cream over chilled cheesecake . It will provide an extra creamy taste to every bite .

  • Roasted

Perform roasting for 10 minutes in the oven before filling the cream cheese . This will make the cake so much delicious eaten .

  • Dough

If you think want to make a delicious cheesecake , then make a cake that was soft when eaten . Factor -based dough in baking the cheese must be properly addressed . Add one to two minutes to process the dough .

Similarly, some of the secrets stored in a delicious cheesecake . for those of you who are curious , please try to feel its own pleasure .

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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