Secrets of The Delicious Cheesecake


Of the many types of food that consists of tiramisu and chocolate , there are many other types of cakes are often in the rush of the audience , which is one of the cheesecake . It is said that food cake has several advantages compared with other snacks , and for more details, let us consider some of the advantages 

Here are some secrets of cheesecake delights that can make many people amazed with deliciousness . :

  • Temperature

Tasty and delicious cheesecake certainly lies in the use of an appropriate temperature . Before baking , the cheesecake should be stored at room temperature . The process of the standing at room temperature for 20 to 30 usually marry before serving .

  • cheese

Because cheesecake is dominated by the cheese , the cheese consumption is also a major concern . Cheese must be converted into the cream . Put the cream cheese to room temperature . How this is done so that the cheese does not look swollen or bumps , so in terms of the texture became more beautiful .

  • Do not crack

Cheesecake is a lot of trouble making the cake that cracked at the top . Typically , the levels start to heat up the temperature of the cheesecake . But these factors do not worry because cracks can be repaired .
The trick is to spread a layer of sour cream over chilled cheesecake . It will provide an extra creamy taste to every bite .

  • Roasted

Perform roasting for 10 minutes in the oven before filling the cream cheese . This will make the cake so much delicious eaten .

  • Dough

If you think want to make a delicious cheesecake , then make a cake that was soft when eaten . Factor -based dough in baking the cheese must be properly addressed . Add one to two minutes to process the dough .

Similarly, some of the secrets stored in a delicious cheesecake . for those of you who are curious , please try to feel its own pleasure .

Update Windows 8.1

The development of today's technology is growing rapidly . Almost everyone in the world already has a mobile phone , a computer or even a laptop and a tablet is no longer a luxury item .

But this time the owner of a laptop or tablet happiness intermediate category ( low end ) or tablet with a fairly cheap price may be hesitant to update the OS to a higher level , for fear that if the tablet operating system becomes sluggish . However , information from several different states come precisely from the giant Windows .

Of information that a tablet with Windows 8 it will run faster after the upgrade to version 8.1 , as in the mention that the OS can optimize your windows memory function . This is only one of several advantages of the upgraded version .

For the official version of the upgrade will be released to the market in October last year is an improved version , which means that problems may occur already be minimized . From several other advantages to the Windows boot process 8.1 is faster than previous Windows versions . And besides the latest version of the performance is also better with the multi - tasking feature that can reduce the occurrence of hang , and not to mention the addition of a few apps such as health tips , l sound recorder and others.

For you fans of the windows , to be good to try this latest version of Windows 8.1 , because addition better than the last version , the windows also add some setting to display on the screen , ease the process of finding a file or folder that is inside the tablet .

Of the few reviews above , it seems appropriate for us to try . Good luck .. :)

Yahoo Maps Gets New Design

Some time ago, Yahoo has updated its logo, and came again to the design and usability newer.
Yahoo gives some information about the new product, which is "a major new feature and option content" that can improve outcomes for local search at Yahoo Maps, but currently only useful for the United States alone. With the new update, the system now shows a different route to the destination depending on whether you plan to walk or take public transportation. In addition, public transport view lets you see the different options so you can choose the best one for you.

Along with these new updates, Yahoo also has updated the satellite imagery. "We've just refreshed satellite imagery to more than 14 million square kilometers of land - significantly reducing cloud cover, edge matching and image enhancing sampling and creating coast to coast became visible

Learning photography [selfie photo]


Photography today is probably already no stranger to such antiquity. Hearing the word photography only a few people who can do that. From the development of the era, photography was almost like a lifestyle, which cannot be abandoned. With today's technology in carrying photography is commonplace and commonplace done by everyone.

Because today almost all telephone or mobile device is equipped with a camera, and almost everyone, from the middle class down, up to the top level already has a telephone. Given these cameras everyone can use the camera to take pictures of all the things they find interesting, from the photograph nature, objects, even when it is popular to photograph themselves or often called selfie.

Here are a few pictures selfie famous artists, even important state officials.




Gudeg Indonesian Food


As a native Indonesian citizen, this time I will give some some Indonesian food, which gudeg. This food comes from Central Java, especially Yogyakarta. A warm meal consisting of vegetable jackfruit, cooked and given other mixtures, such as eggs, chicken, and other vegetables. Gudeg very tasty when eaten in the morning or evening.

Here are some recipes to make typical warm Indonesian
  • 3 kg young jackfruit
  • 1 chicken
  • 2 old coconuts
  • 8 teak leaves
  • 100 gr onion
  • 30 g coriander
  • 100 gr hazelnut
  • 50 g galangal
  • 100 grams of brown sugar
  • 30 gr garlic
  • 8 pieces of bay leaf

Golden Sunrise Sikunir Dieng

Golden sunrise Sikunir Dieng
Sunrise view may already be familiar. But from various places, almost all certainly have their own privileges. Likewise with the sunrise Sikunir Dieng in Central Java Indonesia.

One place that is so beautiful, when we see the sunrise in the mountains surrounded by increasingly making our eyes in amazement.
Sikunir Dieng giving panoramic sunrise was so beautiful, because it is located in the highlands, and the temperature relatively cooler air, thus making our hearts and eyes more comfortable. Sikunir Dieng in Central Java, Indonesia.

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