Blackberry Z3 Jakarta Editions


Blackberry which some time ago was under the disaster is large enough that the declining popularity among Smartphone and gadget lovers because of the presence of the giant green Android. But in the middle of it, the blackberry does not want to sit back and enjoy the ground up, because according to news circulating, the Blackberry will soon release a new product.

This one Smartphone vendor continues to raise the prestige of their products and this time use a name that is quite unique and different from previous products, namely the Blackberry Z3 Jakarta. And that is quite astonishing is, the use of the word Jakarta, what's behind the words?

From the Blackberry for those that might Jakarta right word given to the Blackberry Z3 Jakarta. The new product is made from BB and lower classes to target buyers with low prices and interesting course. 1.2GHz dual-core Smartphone is equipped graphics processor Adreno 305 processor and RAM 1.5GB her very attractive, but it is uncertain as to what the quality of design, screen and camera are complete. Blackberry gadgets that will make this a lower level Smartphone and very cheap price which will be on offer, it could be the price range of under 2 million only.

But behind the Jakarta term is used to raise the sales targets in Jakarta, who cannot deny that Indonesia is one country where sales of the Blackberry are very good, and leaps and bounds in recent years.
Being a Blackberry mobile phone that was first in production with the cooperation with Foxconn, the Z3 made ​​the price of Blackberry will be in banderol at a cheap price. Jakarta Blackberry comes with a 5 inch screen size specifications, without the Qwerty Keyboard and Touch Screen rely more on the screen. For its own performance in terms of readily available Dual Core CPU with 1.2 GHz speed paired with oversized Ram 1.5 GB. Performance for the affairs of this phone is definitely superior to the Blackberry series Q5. But with a cheaper price.

In addition, the Blackberry Z3 Jakarta also use an HD display with a resolution of 540x960 pixels is very pretty. And is equipped with 2 front and rear side cameras with autofocus and LED flash. For internal memory which is owned Blackberry Jakarta is large enough to 8GB, microSD slot and is equipped you can use to add data storage capacity.

See from the following review of the Blacberry Z3 Jakarta, seems very suitable for us as citizens of Indonesia to be able to have it, because the Smartphone is made for the Indonesian special.

Blackberry Z3 Jakarta Editions 9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings. 9 user reviews.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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