Learning SEO is Easy

Learning SEO is Easy
Learning SEO is easy. Taukah you learn seo it easy I've tried it, and now I have quite a lot of visitors increase from the first only 10 people per day are now up to 1000 people per day, of that I did not do anything other than do regular blogging activities, such as posting articles and exchange links with my blogger friends. On this occasion I want to share the tips that I have pratekkan is as follows:

Original article Post
In addition to the original post by search engines like also like a lot of people, try your article easy to read and understood by others not to confuse visitors to your blog, if your blog is not a blog jumbled make a link between the articles in question to other articles to your post in the blog. To make easier the visitor and make visitors browse your blog or know more in.

Search Backlink
Search backlink is actually not very necessary if your blog is already registered in the search engines search engines generally will give a free backlink to your blog if your blog including quality blog. To make a quality blog is to create an original not copy and paste articles from other blogs.

Submit to Search Engines

Without registered to search engines know which there are visitors of your blog?? therefore make your blog listed in your blog. How to register your blog in my blog article just look :)

That's all from me this article may be useful to you, Happy Blogging :)

Hot and Spicy Food Day Eve!

Hot and Spicy Food Day Eve!
Hot and Spicy Food Day Eve! - Anyway, in honor of this very special day that somehow food bloggers and media outlets know is August 19, I’m re-posting this spicy sausage ragu recipe. This crowd-pleaser is so easy, so tasty, and a perfect way to celebrate this made-up holiday. Enjoy!

The Surf is Usually Tougher Than the Turf

I’m sure you’ll have no problem coming up with lots of meaty ideas for tomorrow’s Labor Day cookout, but new and exciting seafood options can be a little more challenging. So, just in case you’re going to eschew the traditional four-legged fare, here are some alternative ideas to surf through. If any of these catch you hook, line and sinker, just follow the link in the caption to see the original post, and get the ingredients. Enjoy! 

Grilled Tuna with Fresh Horseradish

Grilled Salmon with Garlic, Ginger & Chilies

Grilled Swordfish Bruschetta

Fennel-Smoked Salmon

Happy Blueberry Month!

Happy Blueberry Month!
Did you know that July was National Blueberry Month? Unless you happen to work for the blueberry industry, or food blog for a living, you probably didn’t. So, what happens with blueberries this month, that doesn’t happen in June or August?

Not much, as far as I can tell, but it does give people like me an excuse to re-post a video like this “Too Many” Blueberry Muffins recipe. If you’d like to read the full post, and get the ingredients. Enjoy!

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