Learn to Make Web Design by Simple

Learn to Make Web Design by Simple
Learn to Make Web Design by Simple - On this occasion I want to share a little tutorial how to make a website easily, I've tried it as an assignment from my school that requires me and my friends gather web design on my teacher. I am not here to make the website of the enol but looking template which there are many on the internet and edit it for free and just live a little. For that I would to love a little tutorial for you as follows:

Materials and Tools:
  1. Dreamweaver CS3
  2. Web Templete ready-made, and can look it up on the internet.
  3. Browser For Trying / design Looking at the results.
  4. and XAMPP local server for web applications.
The trick is as follows:
  1. Download XAMPP advance (here)
  2. Then diinsttal XAMPPnya to be functioning properly.
  3. Install Dreamweaver CS 3 if you do not have search the internet, sorry I did not provide the download link.
  4. Open Dreamweaver CS3 and create a site that in linkkan to localhost on file in the directory htdoc XAMMP, it is to make it easier to edit html files and others.
  5. Extrac web file that you downloaded in the folder in the XAMPP directory htdoc.
  6. Open the directory with Dreamweaver CS3 and click one of the files that you want to edit.
  7. And please edit as you like and with creative as possible.
  8. Completed.
That's all from me this article may be useful for you :)

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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