Beef Pilaf Persia


Good morning ... seems to have quite a long time we do not share the recipe for the beloved family J due to other commitments outside of blogging. On this occasion we will prescribe a Persian-style choice for our beloved family, namely Beef Pilaf. Ingredients and how to cook simple enough so that it does not require a special time for us to make it.
Beef Pilaf materials for the presentation of 3 servings
• 200 g mince
• 2 tablespoons chili sauce bottle
• 1 tsp curry powder
• 25 grams of ghee (can be purchased at the supermarket or use olive oil / butter)
• 3 cloves garlic, minced
• 2 cm cinnamon
• 2 cloves Btr
• 600 cc yogurt
• 1 1/2 btr cardamom
• 150 g onions, cut 2 1/2 cm thick slices crosswise
• 1 tsp lemon
• 200 g basmati rice (long grain rice)
• 375 cc of broth
• 60 gr frozen peas
• 60 grams of raisins
• 35 gr toasted walnuts, sliced ​​lengthwise
How to make Beef Pilaf uncomplicated and only requires a little bit of time that we first roasted cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, until fragrant. After that we mix together the ground beef sauce bottle and curry powder evenly for approximately 15 minutes until quite smelly.
After that we heat the ghee or olive oil, to taste in a skillet, and saute garlic until browned color or undercooked, and after that input the meat mixture, and stir until evenly and wait a while until it comes out fragrance.
After the mixture is quite fragrant we prepare and input yogurt and a little lemon juice in order to add flavor becomes more fresh, and cook for about 20 minutes until the meat is tender and the water tastes have started a little bit.
The last input of rice, and broth, then stir until evenly, and add salt if necessary in taste, cover the pan and let it cook until the rice is almost cooked while in stir occasionally.
Easy enough to cook safelyJ

Soft Dough Pizza


Congratulations on Friday morning ... let's make a delicious dish. This time we will make a pizza J. Who does not know the food on this one, because almost everyone likes, and we will make Soft Dough Pizza with material that is simple enough so it does not consume a lot of our time to cook J

Materials needed:
  1.  350 grams of flour
  2. 15 grams of sugar
  3. 5 grams of yeast
  4. 20 grams of milk powder
  5.  200 ml of ice water
  6. 50 grams of butter and white
  7. 1 teaspoon salt or to taste to taste

How to make:
  1. Combine all the above ingredients, except water and salt, stir evenly after, and then enter the water little by little
  2. Once the dough is sufficiently thick or dull, drain until it expands to twice the previous size.
  3. After approximately 30-60 minutes, the material has been inflated, then deflated right again, and the material into two parts, so its easy to make a circle.
  4.  After about 10 minutes, shape dough round, with higher edge, well like pizza general.
  5. Then, let stand back so it will expand back
  6.  After the last hold that bake the dough in the oven about 8 minutes until the color changed to brown.
  7.  After input all your preferred topping pizza is already half done, add the sauce and the other, then bake until done

The latter .... good luck J

Potato Cakes Irish


Good morning ... have you breakfast ??
For those of you who have not had breakfast does not hurt to make a breakfast menu for our beloved family with the type of cuisine that is quite light, but does not relieve, nor appetite of our beloved family. This time we will give you a fairly simple recipe that originated from potatoes.

Well potato is one type of food that can be treated with a variety of creations. But this time we will make the potatoes into a pastry delights Irish J

Here are the materials needed to make irish potato cakes
  1. 450 grams of potatoes, steamed and inserted into potato ricer
  2. 110-140 grams of sea salt
  3. 45 grams of unsalted butter

Then for how to make it not so difficult that is, enough mix all the ingredients together, then in the grind until smooth, then roll the dough into a thin rolling pin moved at a very good form of powder, then fried with a little butter until the color turns brown.

Easy enough to make it, so it does not require a long time, and the material is quite simple too. Happy cookingJ

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About National Beer Day


National Beer Day for some people apparently still quite clouds, especially in Indonesia itself has not recognize the existence of the national beer. Unlike Valentine's Day almost everyone anywhere in the world know this Valentine's Day. Today the national beer itself in the United States has become an official national holiday that celebrated every April 7.

National day celebrations in the American beer at the start since 1933, on the first day of the 13-year-old, legally exempted person shall buy, sell, and drinking beer. Today the National Beer in America is a day that is so exciting, because beer is one of their favorite drinks. Aside from being a favorite beverage, in America alone, beer is one source of livelihood for some people.

Those who make beer, as well as the farmers who grow the beer ingredients such as grains and other ingredients. In addition, the retailers who sell beer that has a pretty good profit to $ 79 billion annually. But for some countries who do not celebrate the national beer because it has a different culture as Islamic countries, or countries that are not overly dependent on the
beer drinks such as one of the favorite beverage for the people

About Skye Terrier


Dogs Skye Terrier is one of the breeds of dogs that came from the Isle of Skye in the city of Scotland. The dog in the estimate has existed since centuries to -15. Dogs Skye Terrier classified into a small dog, because the average height is only about 25-30 cm, and weighs only about 7-9 kg.

Besides having a fairly small body, Skye Terrier also has other characteristics that tailed upright, water-resistant coat, ears straight up, as well as straight and short legs. These dogs also have almost the same characteristics as the other dogs that Gela brown eyes, and thick eyebrows.

However, Skye Terrier dog small enough, large enough to have the guts, because often hunt prey much larger size than the size of his body. Moreover, in antiquity, breed Terrier is also often referred to as a dog who has a habit of digging or into the ground after the hunt. This custom fit with the name Terrier, because the name is derived word meaning earth terra.

For you lovers of animals, especially dogs, it never hurts to try to maintain one's terrier dog breeds. Because, Skye Terrier who has a small body, suitable also be made as a guard dog that has a high enough courage. J

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