Motivation Life, Love and Success

Motivation Life, Love and Success
Motivation Life, Love and Success. Hello at this time I would love a bit of motivation to live, love, and the last one is you success. Hopefully this motivation can make you a better and vibrant in life that sometimes feels heavy but is actually not. Due to a problem in the world there must be a solution to our live memlaluinya who have attempted to deal with it all, and stay patient ... :)

1. Trying to always think positive and optimistic in all the trouble, do not obsess on the experience of the past or the future, but the present gaze. The past is gone, never to return again, the future has not happened so we do not know what happened and eventually just chestnut expect something, but now is the time, we have to determine and make decisions for ourselves.

Think positive and optimistic poem looks like a trivial sentence, but sdarilah is very important in your role to make decisions that will determine the success or ruin.

2. Reflect on the mistakes of others, apart from the mistakes ourselves, reflect on the mistakes yourself from falling in the same hole, and to reflect on the error, it will further spur us to mistake it does not happen to us.

3. If you fail to get something, just one thing you should do, try again!!!!

4. Justice will not be enforced as long as we still care about the existing law and selfish interests.

5. If you love someone, love him for what it is, not because you want him to be as you wish, for thou art only a reflection of your love on him.

6. Dreamed of something and make your dreams a reality, indeed the world would not exist if no one dreamed.

7. Be honest though honesty it takes us to hell.

8. Do you love someone because face / face, his wealth and position, but loved for his kindness and his sincerity because among it all, just the kindness and sincerity of heart that remains timeless.

9. Never tired to seek knowledge because everything in this world needs science, if there is no science then we are with the dead, can not do anything about it.

10. Do not try to / do things half-heartedly, because the results you can also just half.

11. Indeed there are many people in the world that is more difficult than we are, then stop everything our complaints and thankful for what we got.

12. Real friends in times of distress, a sincere smile is worth more than a million words that accomplishes nothing.

13. Visit your friend when he's gone in hard and when he is happy, because the fact is you who will be remembered at the time he was hard at the time you helped.

14. Appreciate and respect others if we want to be respected and valued others, as well as respect and honor yourself first then we can appreciate and respect others.

15. Celebrate what you can because you may not be able to get again what you can.

16. When we feel have betrayed ourselves and let down, pray that someday you will not betray and disappoint, because you too have felt the pain of being betrayed and let down.

17. Nature of all human beings have the same degree, we do not need to set it apart as a result will make ourselves too low.

18. Love is not the only reason to live but also a loveless life would be bland and boring.

19. A very valuable asset rarely possessed people today, that's honesty.

20. Do not make a failure as a reason to be afraid to experience it again so that you do not want to try again, but look at failure as a success knowing the wrong way.

21. Time is a sword, if you can use it well, it will definitely bring good luck, but if you use it badly, he'll kill you.

22. If you see a beauty, be thankful because you still get to enjoy the beauty that you will not be able to see again.

23. Death came suddenly, so do you still think to always enjoy the world??

24.All successful people look good, comfortable, rich, well, no problems. That's not true, successful people always have problems in his life. Whatever the form of the problem.

25.Success always has a price to pay. People who are super busy merged, ranging from Microsoft boss Bill Gates, Ted Turner CNN or Boss, or Albert Enistein, or whoever it is, has always had a "wound" that rarely can be known to outsiders. Outsiders only see the "good" only.

So little motivation from above, hopefully you can make more passion in life, Good Luck :)

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