How to Make a Simple Mackerel Fish Dumplings

How to Make a Simple Mackerel Fish Dumplings
How to Make a Simple Mackerel Fish dumplings - On this occasion share a simple recipe How to make dumplings from mackerel fish, fish can you find in fish shops and fish markets of course, How to make it very easy you just have to follow the steps -rare and providing materials in the following list:The ingredients are supposed to provide are:

300gr mackerel fish meat, finely chopped.
50gr flour taste (until dough is seen concentrated stick).
1 piece of chicken eggs, beaten off.
1 leek btnG.
1 tbsp sesame oil.
Pepper to taste
salt to taste
sugar to taste
100 ml broth (can use broth from bones mackerel).Ingredients for peanut sauce

peanut 300gr, (roasted first)
2 tbsp salt.
4 cloves garlic.
2 tablespoons granulated sugar.
5 pieces of red pepper, (seeded)
4 pieces of curly red chili (optional)
Boiled water to taste.Complementary materials :

Chicken egg, boiled
Chili sauceHow to Make Wahoo Fish Dumplings :

Pare cored, cut cylindrical with a size of about 5 cm in which the top and bottom holes. Chop the potatoes, cut into triangles also know the size of about 6 cm, scrape one side. dredged knew was destroyed, after that, mix together the ingredients siomai.
Incorporated into the dough dumplings know the dredged section. Pare also enter into, the rest in the form of round object with a spoon and then boiled in boiling water until cooked. If it is ripe, buletan will float in the water.
In steamed cabbage with potatoes and pare and know until cooked. Do not forget pengukusnya coated heat-resistant plastic that is steamed not stuck.How to Make Peanut Sauce :

First grind nuts, then set aside. fried chili and garlic until wilted. Then puree with sugar and salt. Combine with beans smooth.
Serve hot dumplings with cabbage, tofu, potatoes, bitter melon, and egg.Simple not Easy Way to Make Mackerel Fish Dumplings
?? :)

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