How to Become a Blogging For Not Boring

How to Become a Blogging For Not Boring
How to Become a Blogging For Not Boring. Hello my friend all, today ane home early from school because there was so much free time test for ane ngurusin this blog is rather neglected old about two days (wkwk), okay to post this time I would like to give tips on how to not get bored blogging. And once ane ampe dizzy because participated ngurusin blog tips how to blog like a lot of visitors this example the command "Draw 2 Posts Per Day" was making me tired of blogging and make up my mind and just do not have any idea when blogging postings origins. The way that you do not get bored is just follow the steps as follows okay :)
  1. First, do not schedule the time your blog posts. Post the article when you're having a lot of free time because you can look for inspiration about posting a lot more too.
  2. Secondly, of course, when you have the money to buy the modem for pulse or when you want to surf internet cafes
  3. Do not follow the rules that make you restrained like that that I mentioned above.
  4. If you have any inspiration then you post it on the blog, do not when you do not have inspiration.
  5. Make a post with your own style then you will feel happy and you will feel so self not others.
  6. Postinglah in places that make you uncomfortable if you are using a laptop that uses a modem, karnena not possible in the cafe looking for a comfortable place.
  7. That's all.
Hopefully this short article I can benefit you and not bored blogger mania blogging again for ... : D

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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