Ways To Get Pregnant Fast With 5 Steps

Ways To Get Pregnant Fast
Ways To Get Pregnant Fast With 5 Steps At this time I will post a little article about
Ways To Get Pregnant Fast for those of you who are want to get pregnant or want to quickly have a baby. Please read the following tips carefully:

1. Plan your time in touch
One of the most important tips to get pregnant fast is to plan a time to connect with your partner.
Sperm can live for 5 days max in the womb. Therefore, to increase the chance of pregnancy, doing Relationship 2 days before ovulation / release of the egg. 

To determine when ovulation, there are some ways that can be used:
  • calendar system
  • basal body temperature / Basal Body Temperature
  • cervical mucus elasticity
  • and most recently, the fertile strip tester (can be purchased at the pharmacy closest to name Fertility)

2. Stop Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages

Based on a study recently published by the ESHRE conference (Human Reproduction & Embryology) in Barcelona, alcoholic beverages may reduce the level of opportunity for pregnant women normally as much as 44%, and 28% for women smokers. Even smoking not only affects the fertility rate alone .. but also may increase the risk of abnormal pregnancy on the fetus candidate someday.

3. Vitamin drink
To get pregnant quickly, consumption of foods containing vitamins and substances needed for fertility is very important for you and your partner.

Vitamin C, one of them, can improve sperm quality.
Vitamin E can improve male and female fertility.

And women who take folic acid pregnant have a better chance than those who did not consume them. Folic acid also plays an important role in the formation of the fetal brain tube later.

4. Choose the right position during intercourse
For couples who have longed for the presence of the baby, the missionary position is the most recommended. Given this position allows the penetration is deep enough so that the uterus can store sperm for a longer time. But avoid the woman on top position, because the uterus to minimize the possibility of storing sperm.

5. Control Your Body Weight
Normal weight or balanced to a large extent increase the chance of pregnancy. Not infrequently we find most of the couples who have problems with their weight will generally also have problems with her ​​pregnancy.
Overweight will bring adverse effects to the level of your fertility. Try to achieve the ideal body weight first.

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