How to Clean Laptop LCD Screen

How to Clean Laptop LCD Screen
How to Clean Laptop LCD Screen. Handwriting dirt and food sometimes imprint on notebook or laptop screen is slightly disturbing visions and hygiene laptop, therefore on this occasion I want to give you a little tutorial for how to clean the LCD screen laptop or notebook. Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare the camera wipes or cleaning wipes.
  2. Use specially LCD screen cleaner water, or glass cleaner Cling.
  3. LCD cleaning spray water when atu Cling not too much, because it can trickle down the screen and into the screen which can damage the components of your Laptop and LCD screens.
  4. Rub a tissue or soft cloth with rubbing in one direction, so that the dirt can be decomposed into the side.
  5. When finished dry with a soft cloth or dry tissue.
  6. A little extra time off Laptop screen cleaning, and do not exert too much pressure when cleaning the LCD screen, do not clean it with something rough surface due to scratching the screen.
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