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Dogs Skye Terrier is one of the breeds of dogs that came from the Isle of Skye in the city of Scotland. The dog in the estimate has existed since centuries to -15. Dogs Skye Terrier classified into a small dog, because the average height is only about 25-30 cm, and weighs only about 7-9 kg.

Besides having a fairly small body, Skye Terrier also has other characteristics that tailed upright, water-resistant coat, ears straight up, as well as straight and short legs. These dogs also have almost the same characteristics as the other dogs that Gela brown eyes, and thick eyebrows.

However, Skye Terrier dog small enough, large enough to have the guts, because often hunt prey much larger size than the size of his body. Moreover, in antiquity, breed Terrier is also often referred to as a dog who has a habit of digging or into the ground after the hunt. This custom fit with the name Terrier, because the name is derived word meaning earth terra.

For you lovers of animals, especially dogs, it never hurts to try to maintain one's terrier dog breeds. Because, Skye Terrier who has a small body, suitable also be made as a guard dog that has a high enough courage. J

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Monday, April 6, 2015

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