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National Beer Day for some people apparently still quite clouds, especially in Indonesia itself has not recognize the existence of the national beer. Unlike Valentine's Day almost everyone anywhere in the world know this Valentine's Day. Today the national beer itself in the United States has become an official national holiday that celebrated every April 7.

National day celebrations in the American beer at the start since 1933, on the first day of the 13-year-old, legally exempted person shall buy, sell, and drinking beer. Today the National Beer in America is a day that is so exciting, because beer is one of their favorite drinks. Aside from being a favorite beverage, in America alone, beer is one source of livelihood for some people.

Those who make beer, as well as the farmers who grow the beer ingredients such as grains and other ingredients. In addition, the retailers who sell beer that has a pretty good profit to $ 79 billion annually. But for some countries who do not celebrate the national beer because it has a different culture as Islamic countries, or countries that are not overly dependent on the
beer drinks such as one of the favorite beverage for the people

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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