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The development of today's technology is growing rapidly . Almost everyone in the world already has a mobile phone , a computer or even a laptop and a tablet is no longer a luxury item .

But this time the owner of a laptop or tablet happiness intermediate category ( low end ) or tablet with a fairly cheap price may be hesitant to update the OS to a higher level , for fear that if the tablet operating system becomes sluggish . However , information from several different states come precisely from the giant Windows .

Of information that a tablet with Windows 8 it will run faster after the upgrade to version 8.1 , as in the mention that the OS can optimize your windows memory function . This is only one of several advantages of the upgraded version .

For the official version of the upgrade will be released to the market in October last year is an improved version , which means that problems may occur already be minimized . From several other advantages to the Windows boot process 8.1 is faster than previous Windows versions . And besides the latest version of the performance is also better with the multi - tasking feature that can reduce the occurrence of hang , and not to mention the addition of a few apps such as health tips , l sound recorder and others.

For you fans of the windows , to be good to try this latest version of Windows 8.1 , because addition better than the last version , the windows also add some setting to display on the screen , ease the process of finding a file or folder that is inside the tablet .

Of the few reviews above , it seems appropriate for us to try . Good luck .. :)

Update Windows 8.1 9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings. 9 user reviews.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

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