How to Learn English Being Fun

How to Learn English Being Fun
Learn How to Become a Good English - On this occasion intending to share a tips for friends who are hard to learn English but want to learn. These tips are very simple and easy in practice.

Dr. Paul Pimsleur, in his book "How to Learn a Foreign Language" suggests that to learn a foreign language should begin with learning the most required in communication, not to get stuck studying teaching materials are full of grammar theory (grammatical).

Repeat / Imitate what is heard, this step is to train our concentration on Pronunciation (pronunciation). This can be practiced when I heard the song, news, or foreign films. To facilitate mimic / repeat English sentences, we can use existing video song lyrics, this video we can easily find on youtube. For news, one of which we can see a video of VOA Learning English. When looking at foreign films do not wear subtittle with our language, wear subtittle with English. nah, to learn English here that's not boring is not it?

Remember vocabulary (vocabulary), from what we have heard and say look senses of the word / sentence. It would be easy to find the meaning of a word by word in the dictionary, but for certain terms can be an obstacle in translating meaning.

A few of this article, it is very easy not. Remains a passion for learning English :)

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

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